LEIRION – GateOdyssey Music Novel Vol.1 (Craftworx)


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LEIRION – GateOdyssey Music Novel Vol.1 is an original doujin Japanese audio drama CD from Craftworx released on 2006-12-30 (Comiket 71).  This CD includes a 44-page booklet.

Additional Details

Odyssey Gaiden novel Epitaph has been made into a complete voice drama with the cooperation of talented voice actors and KAZUMA for drama production and editing.
Simultaneously recorded 3 new vocal songs by Asriel, Pixelbee, re-in.Carnation and others.
As a bonus for the first edition, a 44-page booklet of the original novel was bound in a special paper case.



Track/Section Title Artist(s)
Drama Part
1 Opportunity Various
2 Theme Song – Epitaph 王莉ゆう
3 Encounter Various
4 Desire Various
5 Recurrence Various
6 Wish Various
7 Promise Various
8 Epitaph Various
Image Song Part
9 Aeon Asriel
10 Memento Ruou Ryouki*
11 瓦礫の楽園 ピクセルビー*

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