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White Magic is a Touhou arrangement album by SYNC.ART’S released on 2009-12-30 (Comiket 77).


1 Emotional Rule
2 Let me be with you
3 When Leaving
4 Re:Production
5 Forever cherryblossom
6 紅染-benizome-
7 二人繋ぐ道
8 眠りし宝


Arrange, Movie, Web, Rec, Mix, Mastering 五条下位 SYNC.ART’S
Arrangement Masayoshi Minoshima Alstroemeria Records
琉姫アルナ LC:AZE
Mixing(tr.4)  hiro.na Studio “Syrup Comfiture”
Vocal 坂上なち twinkle*twinkle
仲村芽衣子 LC:AZE
miko Alternative ending
美里 Misty
結月そら Soranetarium
Lyrics 杉田さとみ
やまざきさやか Sugar Toys
Haruka Alstroemeria Records
Guitar BB takrockers!!
Bass ひさし takrockers!!
Illustration 綾瀬はづき CROSS HEARTS
Design cao. *PetitBrain
Original ZUN 上海アリス幻樂団

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