Shangri-la In Bloom (CLOCKWORKS TRACER)


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Shangri-la In Bloom is a Touhou doujin music album from CLOCKWORKS TRACER released on 2013-05-26 (Reitaisai 10).


1 Anthem (For The Fallen Affection)
2 Clockworks Tracer -Rebloom-
3 Anamnesis
4 Drowning Emotion Has A Short-lived Dream -Rebloom-
5 Interlude
6 The Anonymous Song
7 Everlasting [S]tory
8 This Is Who I Am


Arrangement やーぱん (CLOCKWORKS TRACER) Tr.1-8
Vocal やーぱん (CLOCKWORKS TRACER) Tr.1-4/6-8
WeatherH (CLOCKWORKS TRACER) Tr.1-4/6-8
sawacy Tr.2
Lyrics やーぱん (CLOCKWORKS TRACER) Tr.1-4/6-8
Instrument yuta (Minstrel) Tr.1
零 -zero- (人物) (Faded Azure) Tr.2
Illustration 糸麦くん (そんな感じで平安京)

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