The Ends of The East (Kissing the Mirror)


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The Ends of The East is a Touhou arrangement music album by Kissing the Mirror released on 2011-05-08 (Reitaisai 8).



1 Sky of the ground Wooming
2 Empty reality Wooming
3 Dreaming Gear Wooming
4 End of Loneliness Wooming
5 Miss in the mist Wooming
6 射に流れ、夜溶く声 feat. spetsnaz AKIRA
7 Sky of the ground(off Vocal ver) Wooming
8 Empty reality(off Vocal ver) Wooming
9 Dreaming Gear(off Vocal ver) Wooming
10 End of Loneliness(off Vocal ver) Wooming
11 Miss in the mist(off Vocal ver) Wooming

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