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Ring is a Touhou arrangement album by 38BEETS released on 2010-12-30 (Comiket 79).


1 ミッドポイントの夜明け
2 灰塵
3 Verdigris
4 白のカーテン~Phantom of winter
5 Envy
6 History
7 sweet slap
8 Permanence
9 Line
10 Solitary strength
11 瑕月
12 相反永久スパイラル


Arrangement 藤谷 尚希 (38BEETS) Tr.1-10
紫飴 (38BEETS)
marque (<echo>PROJECT) Tr.11
あいざわ (Hachimitsu-Lemon) Tr.12
Vocals 琴音 (38BEETS) Tr.1/7/10-12
Pyn (Aftergrow) Tr.2/7
柊 蜜柑 Tr.3
39* (38BEETS) Tr.4/8
ゆきまめ Tr.5
みた (櫻川) Tr.6
mineko (MN-logic24) Tr.8
紫飴 (38BEETS) Tr.9
Lyrics Pyn (Aftergrow) Tr.1
青時 Tr.2/4
紫飴 (38BEETS) Tr.3/8
藤谷尚希 (38BEETS) Tr.5/10
みた Tr.6
琴音 (38BEETS) Tr.7
ななつき Tr.9
marque Tr.11
海兎 (Elemental Records) Tr.12
Illustration kona (canaria mint)
Design kona (canaria mint)
Mastering 72°

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