Sell with Us!

We’re excited to help artists gets their works out in front of more people, helping to connect them with fans and provide more support to the creative community.

Three Ways to Get Started provides three options for artists and other third-party vendors to sell with us on a more consistent basis. If you already have a supply of your own work and want an additional way to get it out to fans, you may want to consider the first two options listed below.


By using this model, our store handles order fulfilment, shipping, and customer inquiries, all while artists sit back and collect. With consignment, the artist sends their work to us where it is stored, and in turn we handle all fulfillment, packaging, shipping, and customer support inquiries. The artist collects 60% of every sale made (after processing fees) while we do the busy work, and are paid quarterly.

Item pricing may be set in such a way that the artist makes a comparable amount as if they had sold the item themselves, and pricing remains reasonable for fans as well with lower shipping costs. It’s a win/win.

Bulk Purchase

Another option that may be available is the bulk purchase option. In this case, we purchase a larger number of items upfront with the artist being paid in one lump sum. However, since we’re buying in bulk, we will negotiate a bulk order price that is lower than market value in exchange for receiving payment immediately rather than per sale which can occur over multiple months or years.

This option may or may not be available depending on a number of factors including pricing and order volume.

Local & On-Demand Publishing

If you’re a music artist and you don’t have your own physical stock, you can take advantage of our music album publishing service provided by Gensokyo Radio. Use us for initial stock, on-demand orders, and low-volume to high-volume bulk orders. Artists can either order stock for bulk shipment to their location, or we can utilize this service store-side to keep items stocked through our storefront. For the latter option, the material cost of an album is deducted per sale.


Interested in getting your works on our store? Get in touch, we look forward to working with you!

If you have any questions, you may reach out to us through our vendor support address: sales at